Concerned Citizens of Spring Valley:
Keeping an Eye on Martin Marietta

P.O. Box 323
Spring Valley, Ohio 45370

In June of 2000 Spring Valley township's board of zoning appeals approved a conditional use permit allowing Martin Marietta to mine gravel on a site of around 200 acres located across from the historic village of Spring Valley, along the banks of  the Little Miami River (a state and national scenic river), near the Little Miami bike trail and the Accommodation Line Scenic Byway. CCSV appealed this decision to the Court of Common Pleas and to the Court of Appeals both of which upheld the decision of the bza. In June of 2002 we received notice that the Ohio Supreme Court declined to review our case further.

During the hearings Martin Marietta, through its representatives, expressed both a commitment to minimize negative impacts of mining on this community and to benefit the community as a good citizen. We are establishing this web-site in order to enable Martin Marietta to establish a record of positive accomplishment, as well as to publicize any problems that should arise from their mining operation and their responses to complaints.

Martin Marietta made many promises during the hearing: that the mine would not affect property values, that the scenic river would not be degraded, that dust would be controlled, that there would be no noise pollution, that operations would only occur during daylight hours, etc.. These promises, as recorded in the official transcripts and the conditional use permit they were granted are available for public inspection:
Excerpts from Transcripts
Conditional Use Permit

We have informed Martin Marietta of the existence and function of this web-site and made some requests of them in an open letter:

Open Letter to Martin Marietta

It is very important for the community to monitor mining operations in the township. Dust from mining -- respirable crystalline silica (RCS) -- is known to be a human carcinogen, based on sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in humans. The link between human lung cancer and exposure to RCS is strongest in studies of quarry and granite workers. "Residents near quarries and sand and gravel operations are potentially exposed to respirable crystalline silica" ( See National Toxicology Program – Report on Carcinogens – 9th Edition ). This concern is magnified by the fact that Martin Marietta has been fined by the EPA for failing to control dust at their site in Highland County.

To register compaints about mining operations in Spring Valley township click here: report

Record of  Complaints, Resolutions, and Martin Marietta's Positive Accomplishments in the Community.