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As with so many others you've seen, this site will most likely be perpetually under construction. I figure the minute that I get close to finished, something will come up or I'll think of something else that just HAS to be done, so - Like Disneyland - the Website will never truly be finished, at least not until my space limit is reached.

This page is not enhanced for Netscape or Microsoft Explorer, nor are there any plans to do so in the future. My philosophy is "If you don't support me, why should I support you?" Currently all web browsers are welcome. Currently, this page is best viewed with an Amiga running Ibrowse on an 800x600 16-bit color or better Cybergraphx card screen, because that's what it was developed with. Since this page does not get too fancy with its graphics or HTML code, It should look roughly the same on most browsers, including Aweb 2, VoyagerNG, or a browser of similar capacity, like (blech) Microsoft Explorer or Netscape. There are some "prettying up" features that may not show well on the low end, but I have done my best to keep the page from looking too hideous under no-frills browsers such as Aweb 1.x, Amosaic, or even Lynx or ALynx. The graphic enhancements may give you the impression that it's Netscape enhanced, but just remember it's not, Alrighty? I would never be so elitist as to make my page inaccessible to those without a specific piece of software (that means WINDOWS©®@® isn't a requirement either. In fact, I reccomend avoiding it wherever possible.)

Frame Free Gang!

For those of you who were hoping for a big archive of my animations and pictures, youre likely to be disappointed. I just don't have the space here. If you are interested in getting the bulk of my animation and picture files, you can visit The Unofficial Eric Schwartz Web Page, or my own Site B. These sites currently has more links to files than I do, and I will try to support them with new and interesting stuff when I can.

Hey! E.S. Productions has its first game for Windows and Linux, with more platforms on the way, thanks to 'Amiga Anywhere'!

NOTE I Like Comic Strips, don't you? Follow the following link.

Sabrina Online

This is a semi - freely distributable comic strip by Eric W. Schwartz. It deals with the things that.. - Well you really oughta find out for yourself. So take a click on the above thingy. Who knows, you might even enjoy it! (I'm not trying to rip off Kevin & Kell, I'm really not!)

Picture of the indeterminate time period! Click for the large image.

If you wish to get in contact with me, I can be reached at erics AT coax DOT net . Please don't be too put out if I don't respond to your E-mail. I am notoriously bad at responding to mail, so everything comes down to how much a response is required, even given the added convenience of E-mail. If you should feel like it, put a link to my page on your own. (Let me know about it too, so I can check your place out.) You can use the image to the left for a link picture. In fact, I think that would be really keen!
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